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BestHealth Cherry Benzocaine Lozenges

  • Product Code: 46129

4/6/18 ct.

Dosage form: lozenge
Ingredients: BENZOCAINE 15mg, MENTHOL 3.6mg


Temporarily relieves these symptoms:

  • occasional minor irritation, pain, sore mouth and sore throat
  • pain associated with canker sores
  • Other information
  • store at room temperature
  • protect from moisture
Inactive ingredients

FD C Red 40, glucose syrup, N A Flavoring, propylene glycol, sucrose, and water. Soybean oil and corn starch used as processing aids.

MENTHOL • BENZOCAINE, Fast Acting • ORAL ANESTHETIC * Fast, soothing, temporary * relief of minor sore throat * pain and Irritation

Compare to active ingredients in Cepacol

Available in private label as well

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