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    BNR News & Announcements

Evaporated Milk11-Sep-2015

BNR Global offers several lines of evaporated milk including: 1.) From goat milk 2.) In ..1

Oatmeals and more...11-Sep-2015

BNR Global offers the following oatmeals: Mueslis Granolas Customized mixes Organic P..2

Cough Drops and Lozenge Programs for Export27-Aug-2015

BNR Global offers customized cough drop and lozenge programs for export. Includes: Private l..3

Frozen Cheesecakes23-Jul-2015

BNR Global is offering frozen cheesecakes in multiples sizes and flavors to its importers and di..4

Peanut Butter Powder29-Jun-2015

Peanut Butter Powder available for various uses including additive for: Desserts Yogurts ..5

Made in USA Food and Beverages

BNR Global offers a wide array of Made in USA food and beverage products to national and international markets.  We have been providing quality products to distributors in various markets since 1995, helping them to grow their businesses and profits.  

BNR Global has a focus on:

  • Branded products
  • Private labeling 
  • Contract packaging
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Take a tasty tour of our website.  Then ask what we can customize for your market whether in bulk or retail packaging.  Minimum order is one pallet.